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PAC Cosmetic store in Kormangala Near Sony world signal Bangalore . International quality cosmetics at affordable prices, We have the entire range of PAC cosmetics at the PAC Bangalore store above Zorains Studio. PAC Water Base Moisturizer ₹650 PAC Bouncy Primer ₹550 PAC Studio Finish Primer ₹885 PAC Studio Matt Lip Primer ₹550 PAC Shimmer Tints ₹750 PAC Tinted Shine Moisturizer ₹650 PAC Eyeshadow Base ₹650 PAC Makeup Moisture Lotion ₹750 PAC Zero Pore Seperation Cream ₹650 PAC Pore Primer ₹795 PAC Makeup Remover ₹550 PAC Brush Repair Gel ₹650 PAC Brush Cleaner ₹595 PAC Solid Brush Cleanser ₹595 PAC Makeup Remover Wipes ₹450 PAC Prime Setting Spray ₹795 PAC HD Liquid Foundation ₹795 PAC Studio Pen Stick ₹750 PAC Studio Finish Supra Colour ₹395 PAC Supra Color 12 Color Base Palette ₹1895 PAC Supra Color 6 Color Base Palette ₹1050 PAC Ultar Studio Cream HD Foundation Palette ₹2395 PAC Studio Powder HD Palette ₹2395 PAC Durma Plus ₹1500 PAC Ultar Crem Foundation waterproof ₹650 PAC Cream Foundation ₹650 PAC Studio Finish Compact Powder ₹650 PAC Concealer Crayon ₹595 PAC Adore Your Highlight ₹550 PAC Concealer - Refill ₹220 PAC Illuminating Shimmer Powder ₹550 PAC Translucent Powder ₹615 PAC Baked Highlighter ₹850 PAC Powder Blusher ₹650 PAC Cream Blusher ₹450 PAC High Pigmented Blusher ₹450 PAC Studio Blusher ₹500 PAC 6 Color Blush Palette Powder ₹1995 PAC 10 Color Blush Palette Powder ₹2395 PAC Contour Refill ₹450 PAC 6 Color Contour Palette Cream ₹1995 PAC High Pigmented Eyeshadow ₹350 PAC Eyeshadow ₹300 PAC Pure Pigmented Eyeshadow ₹300 PAC Matte Eyeshadow ₹300 PAC Eyeshadow Sparkle Pans ₹350 PAC Intense Duo Eyeliner Pencil ₹585 PAC Eye Pencil ₹395 PAC Defining Brow Shaper ₹395 PAC Eyebrow Definer ₹450 PAC Gel Eyeshadow Base ₹650 PAC Cake Eyeliner Sealant ₹650 PAC Cake Eyeliner ₹450 PAC HighShine Liquid Liner Pen ₹395 PAC Liquid Liner Pen ₹450 PAC Pro Gel Liner ₹550 PAC Shimmer Eye Base ₹585 PAC Baked Eye shadow Palette ₹4595 PAC 15 Color Eye shadow Palette ₹3285 PAC Mini Eyeshadow Palette ₹1265
PAC Cosmetic store in Kormangala Near Sony world signal Bangalore . International quality cosmetics at affordable prices, We have the entire range of PAC cosmetics at the PAC Bangalore store above Zorains Studio. PAC Matte Eyeshadow Palette 7 colors ₹975 PAC Pigment Powder ₹595 PAC Pigments ₹450 PAC Glitter ₹450 PAC Volume blast Mascara PAC No worries Mascara PAC 2 way Mascara PAC Mascara PAC Giant Brush Perfect Mascara ₹495 PAC 2 Way Big Eye Mascara ₹595 PAC Fiber Mascara ₹675 PAC Transparent Mascara ₹295 PAC Transparent Two Way Gel ₹475 PAC Matte Lipstick ₹450 PAC Lip Pout ₹650 PAC Pro Lip Pots ₹485 PAC Lip Color Pan ₹250 PAC Lipstick Palette ₹2800 PAC Sizzle Lip Pencil ₹550 PAC Lip Gloss ₹450 PAC Retro Matte Gloss ₹550 PAC Auto Lip Liner ₹285 PAC Sizzle Lip Pencil Set ₹3740 PAC Colourlock Longlasting Lipliner ₹385 PAC Precisionist Lip Liner ₹385 PAC Lip Pencil ₹180 PAC Master Stroke Brush ₹1185 PAC Powder Brush ₹1175 PAC Foundation Brush ₹725 PAC Concealer Brush ₹885 PAC Blender Brush ₹550 PAC Stippling Brush ₹735 PAC Liner Brush ₹485 PAC Application Brush ₹585 PAC Special Brush ₹385 PAC Lip Brush ₹485 PAC Eyeliner Brush ₹485 PAC Foundation Blending Brush ₹685 PAC Eyeshadow Brush ₹795 PAC Angled Liner Brush ₹395 PAC Inner Highlight Brush ₹335 PAC Smudger Brush ₹465 PAC Flat Brush ₹485 PAC Smokey Brush ₹495 PAC Dual Ended Brow Brush ₹495 PAC Application Brush ₹385 PAC Packed Blending Brush ₹685 PAC Fluffy Blending Brush ₹550 PAC Multitasking Mini Brush ₹565 PAC Shader Brush ₹585 PAC Eye Brush ₹525 PAC Bronzer Brush ₹645 PAC Contour Brush ₹525 PAC Highlighter Brush ₹425 PAC Flat Shader Brush ₹425 PAC Dense Shader Brush ₹395 PAC Pencil Brush ₹335 PAC Small Blender Brush ₹585 PAC Large Blender Brush ₹395 PAC Dense Concealer Brush ₹335 PAC Dense Multi-use Brush ₹585 PAC Angle Fluffy Brush ₹395 PAC Angle Flat Foundation Brush ₹395 PAC Angle Eye-Liner Brush ₹325
Join the Professional Bridal Makeup course in India, at Zorains Studio, Bangalore. This course covers various bridal looks with latest makeup trends . Learn all the tips & techniques needed to tap into your creativity to make you a unique bridal makeup artist. It covers Prepping & Skincare for the bride, Understanding skin type and issues, Contouring an highlighting with cream, liquid, powder according to face shape, Blush application (cream & Powder), Foundation & Conceal Application \ techniques, Techniques of bronzing and creating “Golden Glam look”, Eye shadow-Selection of textures an placement of eye shadow, Cut crease eye shadow-advanced eye shadow technique, Eyeliner – basic and winged and glitter, Lash application, Lipstick application and techniques, Hindu Bridal Makeup looks & Hair, Christian Bridal Makeup look & Hair, Arabic makeup inspired Bridal look & Hair, Bridal hair styles, , Help built your Makeup kit, Profession Certification from Zorains Studio, Professional Photo shoot for your Portfolio. Call 9900032855 for registrations or Visit our website for course details
Professional Airbrush Makeup Course Airbrush makeup has become more popular with the advent of high-definition video and television (HD). Traditional powder or liquid based make-up can settle and appear in pores and wrinkles and be visible on HD film. The makeup is dispersed as an extremely fine mist through the airbrush gun. Millions of tiny little dots are created on the skin and when connected and layered together, create somewhat of a net over the entire face. This course is designed for Makeup artists who want to enhance their skills with the latest technology, and be able to provide a flawless finish for High Definition. Next Batch starts from January 17th to January 18th 2018. The course covers all aspects from Body art to Bridals. Duration is 2Days. Timing 11am to 4 pm Course fee 25000,
PAC cosmetics PAC cosmetics have wide range of Luxury Talcum Powders to keep your skin dry and fragrant. We also have Shimmer gloss, metallic lipsticks, matte cream lipsticks, lip liner, sheer lipstick and long lasting lipstick , eye shades , eye pencils, mascara and many more Beauty products available at Elaizaa Kosmetics , Kormangala, Bangalore.
PAC cosmetics We have many beauty products like foundation, cream, powders, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shades, baked highlighter, supra, derma, contour, blusher, primer, eye liner, mascara, etc available at Elaizaa Kosmetiix, Kormangala, Bangalore.
In Acrylic extension plus nail art course at Zorains Studio you will learn how to blend nail extension tips and apply nail acrylic overlay, as well as learning how to use clear, white and pink acrylic powders. Acrylic is the strongest form of nail extensions and is very durable. This product has excellent moulding properties which is ideal for clients who struggle to grow their natural nails. Call 9900032855 for registrations or Visit our website for course details
Elaiza Kosmetics Visit Elaiza Kosmetics, Kormangala, Bangalore. We have a wide range of Bridal Accessories, Bridal Jewellery rental for Zorains Studio Bride's, Nail Accessories, Nail Extensions, False Nails, Nail Polish, Gel nail Polish, Acrylic Nail Powders, Hair Curling Tong, Hair Straightening Machine, Triple Hair Curling Tong, Nail Glitters, Nail Top Coat , Nail Base Coat, Kryolan Derma Foundation, Kryolan Supra Foundation, Nail Tools, Hair Extensions, False Lash, Makeup Brushes, PAC Cosmetics and other accessories available at Elaizaa Kosmetiix , Call 9900032855 for Product enquiry 9900032855 for Product enquiry .
PAC Cosmetics PAC cosmetics is the best quality and have widest range of Cream, Powder, Liquid Foundation, Baked Highlighter, Contour, Blusher, Eye Shadow palate, Lip stick, Lip gloss, glitters and much more available at Elaizaa Kosmetiix, Kormangala, Bangalore.